"Receiving acupuncture from Cait is like getting tucked in for a blissed out nap by a very skilled healer. I appreciate that she checks in to make sure I'm comfortable during the entire treatment. Having others in the room enjoying the benefits of community acupuncture at the same time is just a bonus. It heightens the energy of my treatment to have other people healing with me in the same space."

- Alexandra Svoboda, Lincoln, NE



Community Acupuncture is an affordable way to get really great treatment. Cait listened to me and my treatment was quick and effective. I left my session with a new awareness, feeling lighter and calmer. I heard the leaves ruffle in the wind and the birds chirping in the trees. I am so grateful that Cait has brought Community Acupuncture to Lincoln!

- Karen Judkins, Lincoln, NE


"I first checked out community acupuncture on a whim over 4 years ago and have never stopped going every week since. Community acupuncture not only made the service accessible and affordable for me, but I also found something very powerful about sharing space with others who are also in treatment- something you cannot get in any other acupuncture format. About Cait, she by far has been my favorite practitioner to work with. Not only does she bring a light heartedness to her work, but truly listens, checks in, and honors what you're seeking from your visit that day."

- M.J. Morrissey, Oakland, CA


Cait brings everything together into one(ness) that you would want from an acupuncturist/healer. She’s a thoughtful and caring listener and helped me bring to the surface health issues that I hadn’t even thought of mentioning. And she helped me with those issues. Anxiety, sleep, my asthma, and she even treated my “trigger” thumb, helping me to avoid painful cortisone injections and even possible surgery. She holds deep knowledge of her profession and is exceptionally skilled in her application of it. I always looked forward to my visits with Cait and always left the chair feeling better from it. Everyone who knew her was sad when she left Oakland, but our loss is Lincoln’s great gain. If you are new to acupuncture, or a seasoned user looking for the best treatment possible, go see Cait just once and you’ll understand how good acupuncture can be.

- J.R. Yeager, Oakland, CA



If you’re wondering about checking out the new acupuncture clinic, know this: Cait has you covered! She is super smart, easy to talk to, and an amazing healer. Whether I’m finding amusement in the day’s snarky T-shirt and loud socks, or joking around with a cool queer, I always feel better in my heart and body after an appointment with my favorite Acupunk Cait.

- Willy Wilkinson, Oakland, CA


"Upon moving to the Bay area, I happily discovered Cait as an acupuncturist at our community acupuncture center. I had never experienced treatment in this type of venue prior to this, and I was not sure what to expect. From my first visit, Cait made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. Cait is personable, informative, and approachable. I am a fairly nervous needle-phobe at times, but Cait is very adept at distracting patients like myself with sports talk or little anecdotes. She is extremely knowledgeable about needle placement; I always left the chair feeling significantly better than when I came in!  

"We will miss Cait very much here in Oakland, but she is sure to be a great success there in Lincoln; she knows her stuff, and obviously takes great pride in her work. Cait is great!"

- Angela Fisher; Oakland, CA